Indiana Triathlon Club Series


Indiana Triathlon Club Series_Horiz

11 Races – 2 Divisions – Points – Awards


  • Clubs must be a registered USA Triathlon club
  • Clubs must have a minimum of 5 registered members
  • Club contact person will be responsible for distribution of discount code
  • Club Rosters will be due April 15- changes may be made twice throughout season (June 1 & July 15)

*No additions will be allowed after September 7!!!

  • Members must sign up 11 days prior to event to receive club discount/points for series
  • Clubs must publicize attendance of race on social media


  • Clubs members will receive a 10% discount to AMS races
  • Clubs will compete against other clubs for Club Championship
  • Clubs will be recognized at races and through social media
  • Clubs will have a designated area for socialization


Participation Points-Sprint 2, Olympic 4, Tough Man 10

Age Group Winners 25

Overall Race Winners 50

Registered Volunteers 10/person

More than 10 registered members at race 20 Bonus Points

*ToughMan Double points

Club Championship race will take place at PCR on October 4. (Points will be doubled if 25% of club is registered for this race) There will be two divisions (5-24 & 25+ members).  Prizes will be given out for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in each division. The winning club in each division will receive a traveling trophy and 2 free entries into an AMS race for 2015.  More prizes are still in the works from Sponsors!!!

*In the case of a tie-most finishers will decide the winner

Club Series Races

May 10 2014                  Muncie May Triathlon

May 17 2014                  Pokagan Triathlon

May 31 2014                  Autocar Richmond Sprint Triathlon  Sprint Tri

May 31 2014                  Autocar TOUGHMAN Half

June 7 2014                   June Sprint and Olympic Triathlon

June 14 2014                 Jorgensen Family YMCA Super Sprint Triathlon

July 26 2014                  Summit Lake Optimist Sprint Triathlon

August 16 2014              Noblesville Fit Fest Triathlon

September 6 2014        Muncie September Tri

September 14 2014       Lawrence Sprint Triathlon

October 4 2014              Prairie Creek Triathlon *CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP*

*Additional races may be added!

Any questions may be directed to Jason Tucker at

*AMS reserves the right to make changes to the Club Series.

 To compete in the series all you have to do is register for individual races. 
You do NOT need to sign up for the series itself.


NEW FOR 2014:

First race for the Greater Fort Wayne Area:


Click here for more information on the Pokagon State Park Triathlon

AMS >> Fort Wayne

April 19, 2014! CLICK HERE to Check out the NEW BSU Spring Sprint Triathlon:

BSU Spring Sprint and Mini Tri Slider


Event Date
Event Name
Register Now!
Race Type
March 26 2014Jorgensen YMCA Beginners Tri 101Intro to your First Tri!Fort Wayne, IndianaRegisterClass
April 10 2014Triathlon 101 Henry County YMCAIntro to your First Tri!New Castle, IndianaRegisterClass
April 19 2014BSU Spring Sprint TriSprint - Mini-SprintBall State Campus, Muncie, INRegisterTriathlon
April 26th, 2014Steuben County YMCA Sprint Triathlon and 5k Run/WalkSprint Tri - Du - Aqua - 5kAngola, IndianaComing SoonTriathlon
May 10 2014Muncie May TriathlonOly Tri-Du / Sprint Tri-Du-Aqua / 5kMuncie, IndianaRegisterTriathlon
May 17 2014Pokagon Triathlon and Steve Parker 5k Run/HikeOly/Sprint Tri Du AQB - 5kAngola, IndianaRegisterTriathlon
May 31 2014Autocar Richmond Sprint TriathlonSprint Tri-Du-AquaRichmond, IndianaRegisterTriathlon
May 31 2014Autocar TOUGHMAN HalfHalf Iron: 1.2M - 56M - 13.1Richmond, IndianaRegisterTriathlon - Half
June 1 2014Richmond TOUGHKids Triathlon4 to 14 w/ varying distancesRichmond, IndianaRegisterTriathlon - Kids
June 6/8 2014Triathlon Camp MuncieYour best half!Muncie, IndianaRegisterClass
June 7 2014June Sprint and Olympic TriathlonOly Tri-Du / Sprint Tri-Du-Aqua / 5kMuncie, IndianaRegisterTriathlon
June 14 2014Jorgensen Family YMCA Super Sprint TriathlonSuper Sprint Tri-Du-Aqua / 5kFort Wayne, IndianaRegisterTriathlon
July 2 2014Evening Super SprintGreat Fort Wayne AreaComing SoonTriathlon
July 13 2014Muncie TOUGHKids TriathlonAges 4 to 14 w/ varying distancesMuncie, IndianaResultsTriathlon - Kids
July 26 2014Summit Lake Optimist Sprint Triathlon & 5kSprint Tri - Du - Aqua / 5kNew Castle, IndianaRegisterTriathlon
August 16 2014Noblesville Kids AquathonAges 4 to 14 w/ varying distancesNoblesville, IndianaRegisterAquathon - Kids
August 16 2014Noblesville Fit Fest TriathlonTri - Du - Learn - 5k run/walkNoblesville, IndianaRegisterTriathlon
August 30 2014Roanoke TriathlonSprint & Olympic-Distance Tri/Du/AQBRoanoke, IndianaComing SoonTriathlon
September 6 2014Muncie September TriOly Tri-Du - Sprint Tri-Du-AquaMuncie, IndianaRegisterTriathlon
September 13 2014Auburn Sprint Triathlon and 5k Run/WalkSprint Tri - Du - Aqua / 5kAuburn, IndianaComing SoonTriathlon
September 14 2014Lawrence Sprint TriathlonSprint Tri - Du - Aqua - 5kLawrence, IndianaRegister
October 4 2014Prairie Creek TriathlonOly Tri-Du / Sprint Tri-Du-AquaMuncie, IndianaRegisterTriathlon