Noblesville Triathlon 101

Noblesville Tri 101

Noblesville Tri 101 Class

Have you ever wanted to do a triathlon?  Don’t know where to start?

Taking this Tri 101 class will provide beginners with the instruction and training that they need to complete their first triathlon!

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First class meeting is Tuesday, May 28, 2013 with your coach: Shelley Gulley!

Limited to 15 participants.


First class is in Noblesville on May 28, at 5:30pm at Forest Park Pool.

Class Description

Instruction will include: learn to swim freestyle, open water swimming, proper running and biking form, yoga, basic equipment needed for your first triathlon, transitions, clothing, nutrition, training plans, race day planning, volunteering, bike maintenance and proper bike fit.

The first class will be 2 hours and include orientation and a swim clinic. Each class after that will be specifically designed to meet the class needs and an agreed schedule including Thursday nights or Saturday mornings for approx. 2 hours. All classes will be part instruction and part training.

Included in the fee is classroom & training instruction.  1 training log.  10% off the entry fee to the Noblesville FitFest  Sprint Triathlon or another Muncie Multi-Sport race of your choice.

Target Race- Graduation

The Noblesville FitFest  Sprint Triathlon Aug. 17, 2013.

Registration Fee


$225 on 5/28/2013


Contact class instructor Shelley Gulley at